Keeping An Eye Out For The Worst Guest Bloggers

You could allow guest bloggers to feature on your blog for many good reasons. By doing so, you will be able to offer your audience a new voice as well as new thoughts, you could foster some of your online networks, concentrate on some of your other works, etc.  At the same time, allowing a guest blogger to feature on your blog could create some problems too. Some terrible bloggers could create problems instead of benefiting you by any means. Here are some ways to spot and evade them.

Check proposals that you receive from generic emails.You should take a closer look at any proposals that you get from complete strangers requesting you to allow a guest post on your blog. Examine whether the mail that you have received is specific to your site or just the one with copy/paste details in it. Not all generic letters could be indicators of horrible bloggers and at the same time, they may not be genuine either.  Some web owners are known to trash such proposals instantly.

To ensure that the proposal is a genuine one, you can inquire back why the guest writer feels he chose your site and what specific content he would be addressing with your clients, etc. You may ask them to submit sample contents, examine them and then give them a nod if you find everything is okay with your needs.

 Never go for poor qualityAlways set good standards and guidelines for anyone who approaches you to allow for a guest blog. Ensure that their content adheres with your standards and gently discourage guests who offer you bad grammar, poor quality content and a poor spelling. Be sure to set high standards, guest bloggers with good quality content would certainly come to you provided by WMEgroup.

Check for the originality of your guest blogYou might receive a guest blog that certainly reads well and has a great content. Receiving an excellent content is a great thing only if it is an original one. Never allow a copied content to be posted on your blog. Take some time to run your guest blog content through plagiarism check software such as copyscape and ensure that you are not dealing with a terrible guest blogger.

Do not allow irrelevant content and linksAs long as your guest bloggers are offering your audience with relevant content, things will go well with you. Terrible guest bloggers could deliver some irrelevant contents or place some irrelevant links throughout the content. You must always remember that your credibility online depends on how well you present your clients with relevant content and links. Do not approve contents to be posted on your blog unless they are properly checked and edited.

If you really need to bring in some guest blogs, you can discuss with other blog owners and form a network. You can mutually post guest blogs in each other’s blogs. This is a great way of ensuring quality and building up your audience as well. In addition, always remember to avoid terrible guest bloggers by adopting some stringent quality control measures.